Highland Festival Grounds
at the Kentucky Expo Center

937 Philips Lane
Lousiville, KY 40209



Join us at Hometown Rising all weekend long with one of our camping options! These include a site for your car, tent and/or RV and access for up to 4 campers. Each camper will enjoy dedicated entry lanes to the festival and unlimited re-entry to and from the festival grounds and campgrounds all weekend long.



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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Will re-entry be allowed at the festival?

No. Once you have entered the venue each day, you will not be allowed to leave and come back in. Please plan accordingly.

What time do the doors to the venue open and when will it be over?

Doors will open at 12:00pm each day. The show’s end time will be posted closer to the event dates.

What ages are allowed?

This is an all ages event. Attendees ages 5 and over will need to purchase a pass. We strongly encourage parents to bring hearing protection for their children.

What about the weather?

Hometown Rising is an outdoor event and is held rain or shine, except in the case that the festival may be delayed and/or canceled and the festival grounds may be evacuated if inclement or severe weather poses a threat to patron and staff safety. We encourage patrons to check the weather forecast and dress accordingly (e.g. in the event of rain, we advise ponchos and rain boots). No refunds or exchanges will be given as a result of weather conditions; and no refunds or exchanges will be given for inclement or severe weather that necessitates an evacuation, delay or cancellation in part or whole of the event.

Where should I park?

Detailed parking information will be posted closer to the event date.

Can I use a credit/debit card to buy passes, food, beverages or merchandise? Will there be ATMs available?

Most of our food and beverage stands do accept credit cards. Our merchandise booth does also accept cards. There will also be multiple ATMs inside the venue.

Is there camping at the event?

Yes, please visit our Lodging page for full details.

Is the venue ADA accessible?

The venue is accessible and there will be special viewing areas at the main stages for those with mobility limitations. The festival is held outdoors in a park. There will be natural terrain to travel over and if it rains it could become muddy. There are sometimes great distances between stages.

Personal assistance, wheelchair pushes, and any type of transportation, including golf cart rides, are NOT provided by the festival. If you require any additional assistance please plan on bringing a companion. Wheelchairs are NOT available for rent or loan.

Wheelchairs, power wheelchairs and small three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed in the festival. Other power-driven devices will be considered only on a case-by-case basis. A power device should not move faster than a person can walk and extreme care needs to be taken when operating such devices due to the large crowds expected at the festival. Therefore, large, fast and heavy mobility devices are not appropriate in this situation.

Accessible restrooms can be found at the end of each row of porta-lets throughout the venue.

Viewing areas for Patrons with Mobility Disabilities:
To find their locations visit the Access Center inside the entrance, look for the wheelchair symbols on event ramps, and watch for the signs with the wheelchair symbol.

Who May Use these Areas?
Patrons who use wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility devices. Patrons who have mobility limitations of such significance that it substantially limits their ability to stand.

We use a wristband program to facilitate the Access Program. We recommend that anyone needing to use these viewing areas stop by the Access Center upon arrival to request a designated wristband. Viewing areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those whouse wheelchairs. The platforms will fill up for the most popular acts, and we ask for your cooperation. Companions and patrons who are able may be asked to step off the platform to make more room for those who use wheelchairs. We have Access Program staffon-site to manage the Access Program and answer any questions that may arise.

Companion Policy:
Each person eligible for the Access Program may bring ONE adult companion into the reserved viewing areas at any given time. Families, consisting of no more than two adults and any minor children, when one member of the family has a disability, may stay together in the reserved areas.

What’s NOT Cool?
Faking it! We must reserve these viewing areas for patrons who genuinely have mobility disabilities. Overcrowding the Access areas defeats the purpose. Have a heart; do NOT abuse the system!Still have questions?

Email us at access@hometownrising.com and we will do our best to help you out.

I am a breastfeeding mother, what are my options?

Breastfeeding mothers can come by the Info Booth / Access Center and we will have power and an area you can use to pump. It is not private, so be prepared to bring in any cover you will need to feel comfortable. You can bring items necessary to pump into the venue (pump, small soft-sided cooler, ice packs, cover) however, we are not responsible for loss or damage of any items brought inside.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to access@hometownrising.com.


For further questions, please email info@hometownrising.com.

My friend is terminally ill and wants to attend the show. Can you do something special for them?

We work with a great company called Living The Dream Foundation that will do their best to accommodate these special fans when possible. They will screen all requests and reach out if there is an opportunity! Find out more and to contact LTD Foundation, click here.

Where can I go to pick up lost items after the event is over?

Please see our Lost & Found page HERE to view and claim lost items.

Lost & Found post-event hours and location are here:
Box office near south wing on Expo Center across from main venue entrance.

Monday 9am to 12 Noon
Tuesday 12 Noon to 3pm

File claims and see items that have been turned in at Hometownrising.com/lostandfound

Which stage and what time will bands be playing?

A full schedule with set times will be posted about 2 weeks before the show on our Schedule Page.

Pass FAQs

Are payment plans available?


February layaway purchasers will make down payment at time of purchase, then four monthly automatic payments (April 16, May 15, June 15, July 10). Layaway option is shown at step 2 of checkout. Layaway deposit & payment breakdown will show at step 4 of checkout. Layaway payments are based on cart value.

CLICK HERE to purchase

Can I buy passes at the festival?

This will be strictly dependent on availability and if we do not sell out beforehand.

When will I receive my passes?

U.S. Orders
Passes will be sent four weeks prior to the event.

International Orders
All international orders (including Canadian orders) will be available for pick up at the Box Office. Please bring your order confirmation and government-issued photo ID.

If you have questions about receiving your order, shipping address, tracking info, etc. please contact Front Gate Tickets support team: support.frontgatetickets.com

My buddy and I purchased our passes the same day. They received their order, but I have not received mine yet. Should I be worried?

Not to worry! Hometown Rising passes are fulfilled and shipped in batches over several weeks. If your order is being shipped within the U.S., you will receive a tracking number once your pass has been mailed.

What type of ID is accepted at the box office?

The box office will accept a State issued Driver’s license, a government-issued Non-Driver ID Card, Military ID, or Passport. Please make sure to have one of these forms of ID with you!

Can I upgrade my GA pass to a VIP pass?

Yes, as long as VIP passes are still available, you can upgrade to a VIP pass with Front Gate by visiting support.frontgatetickets.com.

Where can I buy passes in advance?

You can purchase passes online via Front Gate Tickets. Please see our PASS DETAILS page for full info. At this time, there are no physical outlets for cash pass sales.

Can I purchase a meet and greet for bands playing the event?

No, we do not offer any sort of official meet and greet packages for our events.

I bought a VIP package and I have a child who is 5 years old, can my child accompany me into VIP with a paid General Admission pass?

Yes, children under the age of five are allowed into the VIP area with an adult who has paid for VIP.

When and where will the box office be open on site?

The box office will be located near the main festival entrance.

Box Office Hours:
Saturday: 10:30am – 10pm
Sunday: 10:30am – 9:30pm

Campgrounds Customer Service Hours:
Friday: 10am – 10pm
Saturday: 8am – 10pm

Can I get a refund?

No. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on pass sales. All artists and scheduled performance times are subject to change. Festival is outdoors and is rain or shine.

I have an issue with the passes I purchased. Who can help me with that?

For any pass-related issues, please visit support.frontgatetickets.com.
From there, you can call, email or chat with our pass customer service team for help.


What is not allowed in?

No coolers or picnic baskets
No outside food or beverages
No glass containers
No Strollers
No video cameras or Go Pros
No audio recording devices
No laptops or tablets
No professional cameras or cameras with removable lenses
No selfie sticks
No lasers or laser pointers
No drones
No umbrellas
No hula hoops or totems
No balloons or beach balls
No confetti or glow sticks
No aerosol cans
No whistles or air horns
No fireworks or explosives
No musical instruments of any kind
No bags, backpacks, draw-string bags or duffle bags
No weapons of any kind
No drugs or drug paraphernalia
No pets (with exception of documented service animals)
No chains, chain wallets, or spikes
No unauthorized vending or advertising

*** We do not provide on-site storage for prohibited items. ***

What is allowed in?

One factory-sealed bottle of water (20oz max)
– Water refill stations will be provided by our partnership with Louisville Water Company! Look for the “hydration station” activation on-site to hydrate!
Sunscreen (non-aerosol)
Small, point-and-shoot digital camera
Hats and sunglasses
Light blankets and towels
We strongly encourage you to not bring chairs of any sort. If you must bring a chair, please abide by the following:


Can I bring a prescription medication or medically necessary food items into the festival?

Yes. If you present your prescription, medication and a photo ID at the festival gates, you will be allowed to bring it in with you. If you have dietary restrictions that require special snack or beverages to be brought into the show, you may do so when presented with a doctor’s note at the festival gates.

Are chairs permitted?

We strongly encourage you to not bring chairs of any sort. If you must bring a chair, please abide by the below chair policy. There is no storage for chairs and we do not permit chairs into VIP viewing or the stage-front area of General Admission. Please see our map HERE for clarification on no-chair zones.


Anti-Harassment Festival Guidelines

Hometown Rising is all about creating an unparalleled experience of music, food, and strong community. Harassment has no place here for any of our community members: attendees, staff, vendors, artists/crews, volunteers, and other guests.

What is harassment?
Harassment includes but is not limited to: stalking, physical assault and/or battery, unwelcome physical conduct such as touching, blocking, staring, making sexual gestures, and making or displaying sexual drawings or photographs, verbal or physical intimidation, and unwelcome verbal conduct, such as slurs, insults, sexual propositions, sexual jokes, and other sexual comments.

Where to get help:
If you witness or experience harassment, please report it to the info booth. If you are unable to access the info booth, ask any festival team member for help and they will call in the appropriate personnel. If you are working in any capacity at this festival, please follow your employer’s complaint reporting procedures (typically found in your employee handbook) and know that we are also here to help and ensure your safety.

What to expect from our team if someone harasses you or if you harass others:
We take proactive steps to identify and address harmful behavior and takes all reports of harassment seriously. When harassment is witnessed by or reported to our festival team, we strive to:

  • prioritize the victim’s safety through connection to medical professionals, law enforcement, and/or friends on-site plus referrals to local resources off-site as needed and
  • swiftly take action to ensure the safety of other community members through direct communication with the aggressor(s). This action with aggressor(s) can range from a verbal warning to eviction from the festival depending on the severity of the behavior.
    Law enforcement may be involved for behavior that is potentially criminal, though it is up to the victim whether they would like to participate in filing an official report with law enforcement.

Harassment is never the fault of the victim. It is our expectation that all community members behave appropriately, but if someone does harass you at [Festival Name], we hope we’ve created an environment where you’ll feel safe and comfortable asking our festival team for assistance.

Crowd Surfing & Moshing Policies

What Is Moshing?
• Moshing occurs when a group of patrons run at and slam into each other during a show.  It often takes place in a loosely organized circle within a general admission crowd (a “mosh pit”), although it can be as simple as two people repeatedly running into each other during a show and bouncing off in another direction.
◦ Moshing can occur in any area of a general admission crowd, including directly in front of the stages.

What’s the big deal about Moshing?
• Moshing can be dangerous to both participants and bystanders.
• Moshers can suffer bruises, cuts, sprains, and broken bones, especially where some participants are bigger than others, are moshing more aggressively, or if someone gets hit when they’re not ready.
• Moshing is also dangerous for non-participants standing nearby.  A mosher who breaks through the circle can seriously injure a bystander who is just watching the show and not bracing for impact.

I don’t want to Mosh!! What can I do?
• Be aware of your surroundings!  If you see a Mosh Pit forming near where you’re standing, and are uncomfortable being in the proximity of such activities, find an alternate location from which to enjoy the performance!

Crowd Surfing
What is Crowd Surfing?
• Crowd surfing occurs where a patron is lifted up onto the hands of other patrons, who then pass the surfer along the top of the crowd.  Surfing can take place anywhere in a general admission crowd.
◦ Crowd surfing most commonly (but not always) occurs in the areas directly in front of the stages.
◦ Surfing most commonly (but not always) travels from the back of the crowd TOWARDS the stage.

What’s the big deal about Crowd Surfing?
• It is dangerous for both the surfer and other patrons.
• Crowd surfers have virtually no control of their bodies once they are above the crowd.  Surfers can be groped, hit, or dropped.  Although crowds experienced with surfers generally try to pass them towards the stage, there is no guarantee where or how the ride will end or how the surfer will find their friends in the crowd once they come down.
• Most of the audience is looking at the Stage!  Surfers literally put their health and safety in the hands of people they don’t know who are paying attention to something else.
• Surfers also endanger other people.  A crowd surfer struggling to stay aloft can kick someone in the head or poke them with their hands.  Surfing is especially dangerous during an artist’s set, when most patrons are facing the stage and the surfer is being passed from behind them.

I don’t want to Crowd Surf!!  What can I do?
• Be aware of your surroundings!  If Crowd Surfing is taking place near where you’re standing, and you are uncomfortable being in the proximity of such activities, find an alternate location from which to enjoy the performance!

All of us are responsible for our own safety!  Have a great time at the show, and take care of yourself and others!


Recycle Hometown!
Volunteer with Clean Vibes and help keep Hometown Rising clean in exchange for admission to the event! Work one shift assisting with the recycling and cleanup effort and enjoy both days of music!



For further questions, feel free to drop us a note at info@hometownrising.com.
For Access or ADA-related inquiries, please contact us at access@hometownrising.com
For press inquiries, please contact kristine@am-media.net & scott@adkinspublicity.com
For partnership and sponsorship inquiries, contact partnerships@dannywimmerpresents.com.


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